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About Us

We began as an informal association in October 2011 and quickly grew to be the largest national group of doulas in Australia. We are continuing to grow and invite all doulas and student doulas in Australia to join us! Our organisation provides a place for us all to "meet" under one banner. We are respectful of the many different philosophies and practice guidelines of doulas and are inclusive of all.


Our Obje‚Äčctives

We have three main objectives. Each objective builds on the next.

1. Peer support

Our Association was built on the concept of peer support. This is our foundation and we achieve this through our Facebook group, our website and local meet-ups.

2. Professional development

It's natural that as we support one another, we will learn from one another and develop professionally. We can further develop professionally through webinars and workshops.

3. Advocacy

Having an organisation such as ours, enhances our professionalism and enables us to positively influence the public perception of doulas. We can implement media campaigns and advocacy efforts to increase the demand for doulas, improve relationships with health care workers and encourage future doulas to train.

Benefits of membership:

As outlined above, our main objectives are peer support, professional development and advocacy for our members. This means that members will benefit from:

  • being connected to doulas all around Australia
  • support and mentoring
  • cross referrals
  • information-sharing
  • enhanced professionalism
  • improved relationships with health care workers
  • greater awareness in the community
  • greater advocacy power

In addition to this, member benefits include: 

  • Member badge - for display on your website
  • Voting rights
  • Free advertising^ - cross promotion of products and services Weekly newsletter with updates, news, tips and articles.
  • Monthly local meet-ups
  • Fortnightly webinars*
  • Face-to-face workshops*
  • Annual DNA conference*
  • Members only website - local groups, blog, videos and forum
  • NEW Doula Directory - for parents to find our members!
  • Shared documents and templates
  • EXCLUSIVE discount for insurance - with BMS Insurance Pty Ltd

*Face-to-face workshops and conference will have additional costs due to venue hire and speaker fees. Webinars will be free for members.

^Conditions apply - no spamming!

Our Committee

Read about our committee here.



Frequently asked questions.


Our History

Our archived pages are here.